Submission Times Two

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By: Claire Thompson



M/M BDSM ménage a trois. – one Dom, two subs, three hearts

When Ethan and Cam met the year before at an underground BDSM club, their connection was intense and immediate. There was just one small problem—they’re both subs. To work around this, they agree to find their own Doms for play, offering their submission and their bodies to would-be Masters, but leaving their hearts at home.

The setup works fine, until the day Ethan meets a hot Dom named Maestro. For the first time, Ethan finds himself keeping secrets from his lover. And Maestro has secrets of his own. Unrequited passion and sizzling hot D/s lead to the three agreeing to a play scene that ends up ensnaring them all in something more powerful than any of them had dreamed of. Can two subs submit to a man who would claim not only their bodies, but their hearts and minds? Or will the intensity of a D/s ménage break their world apart.

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